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Over a year has passed since the Spring 1997 issue of Duke Policy News, and the biggest news is the departure of Mary Edwards, long time director of Internships, Placement, and Alumni for the Sanford Institute. The new director, Donna Dyer (PPS '78), has taken information from old notes and new acquaintances to compile this group of Alumni Notes. If we left out a big event in your life, or if we got something wrong, please do not take offense! We will include it in the next issue, if you email us at dpn@pps.duke.edu with the necessary update.

Brady Wood ('98) is working with KOZ, Inc., a Raleigh software design company whose founder, Frank Daniels, III, taught a class here at the Sanford Institute. He is also working on creating alumni pages on DevilNet.

John Kondis ('94) is now at the Durham Workforce Partnership, a public-private catalyst for excellence in workforce preparation.

Alyson Hyman ('88) is the Resident Advisor for Family Health International's Viet Nam Country Office, managing a USAID-funded HIV/AIDS prevention program in collaboration with the National AIDS Committee of Viet Nam. The office provides technical and financial assistance on HIV/AIDS sentinel and beh avioral surveillance, sexually transmitted infections and behavioral research and prevention programs.

Townsend Davis ('86) has recently published a book, Weary Feet, Rested Souls: A Guided History of the Civil Rights Movement, a comprehensive guidebook to the battlegrounds and back roads of the civil rights movement in the deep South.

Steven W. Lett ('80) is now the Deputy U.S. Coordinator for International Communications and Information Policy in the U.S. Department of State.

Steven Abramson ('78) has moved from San Francisco to be the Director of Managed Care at Mount Sinai Medical Center, New York, NY.

David B. Rubin ('74) is an attorney in private practice in New Jersey, involved in litigation with public policy implications, primarily with local school boards.

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